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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)



(Advocacy interventions to reduce or eliminate violence and promote the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of women who experience intimate partner abuse)

Jean Ramsay, Yvonne Carter, Sandra Eldridge, Leslie Davidson, Gene Feder, Kelsey Hegarty, Carol Rivas, Angela Taft, Alison Warburton, Danielle Dunne

(Behavioural and cognitive behavioural training interventions for assisting foster carers in the management of difficult behaviour)

William Turner,, University of Bristol, UK, Geraldine MacDonald, and Jane Dennis

(Cognitive behavioural therapy for men who physically abuse their female partner)

Geir Smedslund,, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway, Therese Dalsbo, Asbjorn Steiro, Aina Winsvold, and Jocelyn Aas

(Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Parents Who Have Physically Abused their Children)

Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen,, The Danish National Institute of Social Research, Denmark, Diane DePanifilis, Jacqueline Corcoran, Clara Daining, and Pricilla Ryder

(Cognitive-Behavioral treatment for antisocial behavior in youth in residential treatment)

Bengt-Ake Armelius,, Umea* University, Sweden, and Tore Henning Andreassen.

(Cognitive-behavioural interventions for children who have been sexually abused)

Geraldine Macdonald,, Committee for Social Care Inspection, UK, Paul Ramchandani and Julian Higgins, UK

(Cognitive-behavioural interventions for preventing youth gang involvement for children and young people (7-16))

Herrick Fisher,, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Oxford, UK, Paul Montgomery, and Frances Gardner

(Exercise to improve self-esteem in children and young people)

Eilin Ekeland,, Norwegian Centre for Health Services, NO, Frode Heian, NO, Kare-Birger Hagen, NO, Joanne Abbott, UK, Lene Nordheim, NO

家族と学校の連携 (FAST)プログラムの4-13歳の児童とその家族に対する、社会的・心理的・教育的効果(プロトコルのみ)
(Families and Schools Together (FAST) for improving social, psychological, and educational outcomes in children of age 4-13 and their families)

Haluk Soydan, University of Southern California,, Chad Nye, USA, Salvadore Chacon-Moscoso, Celia Almeida, UK, Julio Sanches-Meca

(Financial benefits for child health and well-being in low income or socially disadvantaged families in developed world countries)

Lucas,, University of Bristol, UK, Sandra Dowling, Carol Joughin, Gabrielle Laing, Karen McIntosh, Julia Newbury, Mark Petticrew, Alan Shiell, and Helen Roberts

(Group based parent-training programmes for improving emotional and behavioural adjustment in 0-3 year old children)

J. Barlow and J. Parsons

(Home-based child development interventions for pre-school children from socially disadvantaged families)

Sarah Miller, Angela Eakin

(Housing Improvements for Health and Associated Socio-economic Outcomes: A Systematic Review)

Hilary Thomson,, MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, and M. Petticrew

(Impact of Marriage and Relationship Programs)

Matthew Stagner,, Jennifer Ehrle, Jane Reardon-Anderson, and Katherine Kortenkamp, The Urban Institute, USA

(Independent living programmes for improving outcomes for young people leaving the care system)

Charles Donkoh,, University of Oxford, UK, K. Underhill, and Paul Montgomery

(Individual and group based parenting for improving psychosocial outcomes for teenage parents and their children)

Esther Coren,, Social Care Inst for Excellence, UK, and Jane Barlow

(Interventions for learning disabled sex offenders)

Ashman L,, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust, and Duggan L,UK

(Interventions for the prevention of relationship and dating violence in adolescents and young people)

Joanne Nurse,, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK, Shakiba Habibula, Dinesh Sethi, UK

(Interventions intended to reduced pregnancy-related outcomes among adolescents)

Lauren Scher,, University of Pennsylvania, Matthew Stagner, and Rebecca Maynard

(Kinship Care for the Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being of Children Removed from the Home for Maltreatment)

Mark Winokur,, Social Work Research Centre, USA, Deborah Valentine, and Amy Holtan

(Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) for improving health, quality of life, and social functioning in adults)

Michael De Vibe, Arild Bjorndal, Elizabeth Tipton, Karianne Thune Hammerstrøm, Krystyna Kowalski

(Multisystemic therapy for social, emotional, and behavioral problems in children and adolescents aged 10-17)

Julia H. Littell,, Bryn Mawr College, USA, Melanie Popa, and Burnee Forsythe, USA

(Opportunities provision for preventing youth gang involvement for children and young people (7-16))

Herrick Fisher,, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Oxford, UK, Paul Montgomery, and Frances Gardner

(Parent training interventions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Morris Zwi, Hannah Jones, Camilla Thorgaard, Ann York, Jane Dennis

(Parent-training interventions to support intellectually disabled parents)

Esther Coren, Jemeela Hutchfield, Manuela Thomae, Carina Gustafsson

(Parent-training programmes for improving maternal psychosocial health)

J. Barlow and E.Coren, Social Care Inst for Excellence, UK

(Personal assistance for adults (19-64) with both physical and intellectual impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, Jane Dennis.

(Personal assistance for adults (19-64) with physical impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, Jane Dennis.

(Personal assistance for children and adolescents (0-18) with both physical and intellectual impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, Jane Dennis.

(Personal assistance for children and adolescents (0-18) with intellectual impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, Jane Dennis.

(Personal assistance for children and adolescents (0-18) with physical impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson,, Department of Social Policy and Social Work Barnett House Oxford, UK, Paul Montgomery, and Jane Dennis

(Personal assistance for non-demented older adults(64+) with impairments)

Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, Jane Dennis.

(School feeding for improving the physical and psychological health of disadvantated elementary school children)

Elizabeth Kristjansson,, University of Ottawa, CA, Vivian Robinson, Tricia Greenhalgh, Jessie McGowan, David Francis, Peter Tugwell, Mark Petticrew, Beverley Shea, George Wells

(School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse)

Karen Zwi,, South East Sydney Area Health Services, AU, Sue Woolfenden, Danielle Wheeler, Tracey O'Brien, Paul Tait, Katrina Williams

(Speech and language therapy interventions for children with primary speech and language delay or disorder)

James Law,, Queen Margaret's University College, UK, Zoe Garrett, UK, Chad Nye, USA

(The Effects of Teachers’ Classroom Management Practices on Disruptive, or Aggressive Student Behavior)

Regina M. Oliver, Daniel Reschly, Joseph Wehby

(Treatment Foster Care for improving outcomes in children and young people)

Geraldine MacDonald, and William Turner.

(Youth empowerment programs for improving self-efficacy and self-esteem of adolescents)

Matthew Morton, Paul Montgomery

(Work programmes for welfare recipients)

Geir Smedslund,, and Kare Birger Hagen, National Resource Centre for Rehabilitation in Rheumatology, NO