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(After-School Program Impacts on Student Outcomes)

Sherri Lauver, Susan Zief, and Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania, USA

(Effectiveness of Adult Employment Assistance Services for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders)

John D. Westbrook, Chad Nye, Carlton J. Fong

(Interventions can reduce school exclusion but the effect is temporary)

S Valdebenito, M Eisner, D P Farrington, M Ttofi, and A Sutherland

抄録翻訳者:相澤 育朗(Ikuo Aizawa)

(Later school start times may produce benefits for students but more evidence is needed)

Robert Marx, Emily E Tanner-Smith, Colleen M Davison, Lee-Anne Ufholz, John Freeman, Ravi Shankar, Lisa Newton, Robert S Brown, Alyssa S Parpia, Ioana Cozma, Shawn Hendrikx

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Preschool language skills are associated with better reading comprehension at school)

Hanne Næss Hjetland, Ellen Irén Brinchmann, Ronny Scherer, Monica Melby-Lervåg

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Active labor market programs for youth increase employment and earnings. Effects vary between programs and context.)

Jochen Kluve, Susana Puerto, David Robalino, Jose Manuel Romero, Friederike Rother, Jonathan Stöterau, Felix Weidenkaff, Marc Witte

抄録翻訳者:今野 行(Kou Kono)

(The Tools of the Mind curriculum improves self-regulation and academic skills in early childhood)

Alex Baron, Maria Evangelou, Lars-Erik Malmberg, and G.J. Melendez-Torres

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(No Excuses charter schools associated with greater gains in math and literacy than traditional public schools)

Sarah Krowka, Alexandria Hadd, Robert Marx

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Mindfulness-Based Interventions in schools have positive effects on cognitive and socioemotional processes but do not improve behavior and academic achievement)

Brandy R. Maynard, Michael R. Solis, Veronica L. Miller, Kristen E. Brendel

抄録翻訳者:今野 行(Kou Kono)

(Blended learning is most effective in increasing evidence-based health care competencies of health workers)

Anke Rohwer, Nkengafac Villyen Motaze, Eva Rehfuess, and Taryn Young

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Higher teacher qualifications are associated with higher quality early childhood education and care)

Matthew Manning, Susanne Garvis, Christopher Fleming and Gabriel T.W. Wong

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Interventions for adults with traumatic brain injury may improve employment status)

Carolyn W. Graham, Michael D. West, Jessica L. Bourdon, Katherine J. Inge and Hannah E. Seward

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Limited evidence of effectiveness for home-or community-based child literacy programs yet some approaches improve outcomes)

ET Spier, PR Britto, T Pigott, E Roehlkapartain, M McCarthy, Y Kidron, M Song, P Scales, D Wagner, J Lane and J Glover

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Effects of Psychosocial Interventions for School Refusal with Primary and Secondary Students)

Maynard, B. R., Brendel K. E., Bulanda, J. J., Heyne, D., Thompson, A. & Pigott , T. D

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(Employment status of cancer survivors improve with multi-component support programs)

Carlton J. Fong, Kathleen Murphy, John D. Westbrook, Minda Markle

抄録翻訳者:藤村 達也(Tatsuya Fujimura)

(School-based programs to prevent dating violence do not change behavior)

Lisa De La Rue, Joshua R. Polanin, Dorothy L. Espelage, Terri D. Pigott

抄録翻訳者:小保内 太紀(Taiki Obonai)

(Farmer field schools improve agricultural practices, yields and incomes in small pilot programmes,but not in large-scale programmes)

Hugh Waddington, Birte Snilstveit, Jorge Hombrados, Martina Vojtkova, Daniel Phillips, Phillip Davies and Howard White

抄録翻訳者:小保内 太紀(Taiki Obonai)

(Technical and vocational education and training for young people has a small positive effect on employment outcomes)

Janice Tripney, Jorge Hombrados, Mark Newman, Kimberly Hovish, Chris Brown, Katarzyna Steinka-Fry and Eric Wilkey

抄録翻訳者:小保内 太紀(Taiki Obonai)

(Enforcing conditions makes cash transfers more effective in increasing enrolments)

Sarah Baird, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Berk Özler, and Michael Woolcock

抄録翻訳者:小保内 太紀(Taiki Obonai)

(Truancy programmes increase school attendance,but better programmes and evidence are needed.)

Brandy R. Maynard, Katherine Tyson McCrea, Terri D. Pigott, Michael S. Kelly

抄録翻訳者:小保内 太紀(Taiki Obonai)

(Effective multi-componcent classroom manegment programmes seem to improve student behaviour in the classroom but further research is needed)

Regina M. Oliver, Joseph H. Wehby and Daniel J. Reschly

抄録翻訳者:舛井 廉(Ren Masui)

(Evidence on Effectiveness of Volunteer Tutoring Programs)

Gary W. Ritter, University of Arkansas, Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvaniay

(School-based Social Information Processing Interventions and Aggressive Behavior for Universal Programs (Part1))

Sandra Jo Wilson and Mark W. Lipsey, Center for Evaluation Research and Methodology, Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy

(School-based Social Information Processing Interventions and Aggressive Behavior for Pull Out Programs (Part2))

Sandra Jo Wilson, sandra.j.wilson@vanderbilt,edu, Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy, USA, and Mark Lipsey

(Parental Involvement and the Academic Performance of Elementary School Children)

Chad Nye, and Jamie Schwartz, UCF-CARD, and Herb Turner, University of Penssylvania

(Targeted school-based interventions improve achievement in reading and maths for at-risk students in Grades 7-12)

Jens Dietrichson, Trine Filges, Rasmus H. Klokker, Bjørn C. A. Viinholt, Martin Bøg, Ulla H. Jensen

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(Linguistic comprehension instruction has a small effect on generalized language comprehension but a negligible effect on reading)

Kristin Rogde, Åste M. Hagen, Monica Melby‐Lervåg, Arne Lervåg

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(Single-track year-round education modestly improves average math and reading achievement of K-12 students)

Dan Fitzpatrick, Jason Burns

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(Adaptive teaching and individualization for K‐12 students improve academic achievement)

Robert M. Bernard, Eugene Borokhovski, Richard F. Schmid, David I. Waddington, David Pickup

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(Small class size has at best a small effect on academic achievement, and may harm some students)

Trine Filges, Christoffer Scavenius Sonne-Schmidt, Bjørn Christian Viinholt Nielsen

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(There is insufficient evidence to know whether recovery high schools and collegiate recovery communities are effective)

Emily A. Hennessy, Emily E. Tanner-Smith, Andrew J. Finch, Nila Sathe, Shannon Kugley

抄録翻訳者:筈谷 友紀子(Yukiko Hazutani)

(There are too few well-designed studies to know the effects of Teach for America on Math, English Language Arts, and Science outcomes of K–12 students in the USA)

Herbert Turner, Mackson Ncube, Annette Turner, Robert Boruch, Nneka Ibekwe

抄録翻訳者:山田 早紀(Saki Yamada)

(Deployment to military operations negatively affects the mental health functioning of deployed military personnel)

Martin Bøg, Trine Filges, Anne Marie Klint Jørgensen

抄録翻訳者:山田 早紀(Saki Yamada)