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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

A Message from the Director

The Director from April 2016 to March 2021
Professor ISHIZUKA Shin-ichi (Faculty of Law)

Professor ISHIZUKA Shin-ichi

In August 1970, the 4th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was held in Kyoto. This conference made a significant impact on criminal justice policy all over the world, and in Japan the amendment of the former Prison Law was accelerated under the slogans of "legislation", "modernization" and "internationalization". Half a century later then, it was decided that the Congress again was held in Kyoto. Over this period, the domestic social situation in Japan and the international environment surrounding Japan have been changing significantly.

Over those 40 years, Ryukoku University advanced research and education, and made social contributions regarding criminal justice policy and criminology – especially in relation to offenders’ correction and rehabilitation – which emanated from the Ryukoku Corrections and Rehabilitation Center (RCRC). In June 2016, to further develop these themes, we founded the Criminology Research Center (CrimRC) and were adopted as the Private University Research Branding Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

From March 7th to12th 2021, the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime and Prevention and Criminal Justice (The Kyoto Congress) was held in Kyoto. Our Center, constantly being aware of this Kyoto Congress, has been building an evidence-based Criminal Policy Initiative and establishing a Criminology Curriculum as a global standard, with our motto a “Compassionate Criminology” which, at its core, is a commitment to being of citizens, by citizens, and for citizens. Following such research activities, in our academic year 2021, we released “Ryukoku Criminal Policy Initiative” as a part of its research results as well as a counterpoint against the government one presented at the Kyoto Congress. On March 2022, we safely conducted the final presentation session of “the Private University Research Branding Project” for its six-year research activity achievement and its outlook.

We look forward to your continuous participation and support in implementing this project.

The Director from April 2022,
Professor TSUSHIMA Masahiro (Faculty of Sociology)

Professor TSUSHIMA Masahiro

On April 2022, through the qualified step as a Ryukoku selective research development project to foster representative researches for the two years, the CrimRC re-started with reformed research units and members, after ending our activities on the MEXT “Private University Research Branding Project”.

For the six years, from the starting point of our center on June 2016, the former director Professor ISHIZUKA (Faculty of Law) vigorously lead our research activities and projects, whose accomplishments were admitted indisputably such as acquiring “Private University Research Branding Project” initiated by the MEXT, and inviting the ACS2020 (the 12th Annual Conference of the Asian Criminology Society) and its implementation, although we faced the difficulties such as the abrupt ending the “Private University Research Branding Project”, and the worldwide spread of COVID-19.

We continuously would like to advance our activities by utilizing the valuable resources fostered by the former director Professor Ishizuka, accommodating the updated environments.

We look forward to your sincere understanding and continuous cooperation in implementing this project.


  • Crime Prevention
  • juvenile problems
  • an evidence-based approach
  • desistance
  • human services / interpersonal support
  • international research network

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