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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

A Message from the Director,
Prof. Shin-ichi ISHIZUKA


In August 1970, the 4TH United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was held in Kyoto. This conference made a significant impact on criminal justice policy all over the world, and in Japan, the amendment of the Prison Law was accelerated under the slogans of "legislation", "modernization" and "internationalization". Half a century later, it was decided that the Congress will again be held in Kyoto. Over this period, the domestic social situation in Japan and the international environment surrounding Japan have changed significantly.

Over the last 40 years, Ryukoku University has advanced research and education, and made social contributions regarding criminal justice policy and criminology – especially in relation to offenders’ correction and rehabilitation – which emanated from the Ryukoku Corrections and Rehabilitation Center (RCRC). In June 2016, to further develop these themes, we founded the Criminology Research Center (CrimRC) and were adopted as the Private University Research Branding Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

In 2020, the United Nations Congress is going to be held in Kyoto. At our Center, we are going to build a Criminal Policy Initiative and establish a Criminology Curriculum of a global standard, which, at its core, is a commitment to being of citizens, by citizens, and for citizens. It will aim to prevent reoffending through human support, with the cooperation of many individuals and agencies, such as domestic and foreign researchers, practitioners, NPOs and affiliated companies. We are planning to announce the activities of our Center at the “Ryukoku Congress of Criminology 2020”.

We look forward to your participation and support in implementing this project.


  • Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Human Support
  • Crime Prevention
  • United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
  • Kyoto Congress

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The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice is composed of 40 countries and is one of the functional commissions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Commission creates international policies on crime prevention and criminal justice and coordinates its activities. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) assists member states’ implementation of crime prevention, criminal justice and criminal law, and fulfills the missions that the Commission asks for through its crime program. They have a particular emphasis on measures against cross-border organized crime, corruption, terrorism and human trafficking. The strategies are comprised of the two branches of international cooperation and support for international activities. The UNODC also strive to promote cultures based on integrity and respect for law and encourage civil society to participate in the prevention of crime, corruption and fight against them (for further information, please refer to the website of the United Nations Information Centre).