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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

Introduction to our Center

Ryukoku Criminology Research Center (CrimRC)

Ryukoku Criminology Research Center (CrimRC)

Project for Creative Criminology in a New Era:
The Transdisciplinary Integration and Systematization of Knowledge Concerning Crimes and Criminals

In 2016 the Criminology Research Center (CrimRC) was established in order to construct “Ryukoku Criminology”, a benchmark for criminology based on crime prevention and human support, which will appeal to those not only in Japan but also internationally.

For more than forty years, and embodying our founding spirit, our University has developed correction and rehabilitation activities to support social rehabilitation for people who have committed crimes or engaged in delinquent behavior. The Corrections and Rehabilitation Center (CRC), comprised of the three pillars of ‘research’, ‘education’, and ‘social contribution’, is the only research institute among private universities in Japan which specializes in criminal policy, attracting attention from scholars both domestically and abroad.

Building upon these achievements, CrimRC aims to construct “Ryukoku Criminology” through the systematization and transdisciplinary integration of criminological knowledge from the viewpoint of crime prevention and human support. Based upon this expertise, this will facilitate scientifically-informed policy recommendations and proposals on a diverse range of criminological phenomena as well as enabling the cultivation of highly professional policy stakeholders who are able to respond to contemporary demands and challenges.

In summary, research activities are undertaken with three aims: 1) to establish a benchmark for criminology - “Ryukoku Criminology” - which is premised upon the transdisciplinary integration and systematization of criminological knowledge; 2) to review policies concerning a diverse range of criminological phenomena and propose recommendations and alternatives; and 3) to develop highly professional policy stakeholders who acquire and utilize criminological expertise in the field of criminal policy.

We look forward to your participation and support in implementing this project.