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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

Research Activities

Three Guiding Principles of the Criminology Research Center

1. Building a Criminology Curriculum

2. Evaluating and Proposing Policies on Crime

3. International Exchange and Communication

Ryukoku University Aspires towards a “Compassionate Criminology”

The Criminology Research Center aspires towards criminology that does not hand out severe punishments to criminals but seeks to uncover the truth and rehabilitate criminals into society through compassion.
While crime has dark connotations, we look to view our society as a whole through the phenomenon of crime. We seek to explain the phenomenon of crime from the viewpoints of human sciences, social sciences, and natural sciences, and formulate rational measures against it.
We advance three guiding principles towards creating a “Ryukoku Criminology” that combines and systematizes a wide variety of knowledge relevant to the issue of crime.